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MX0404 323

4 in 4 out HDMI Routing Matrix

1.4 HDMI inputs
2.4 UTP type HDMI outputs
3.HDMI V1.3b
4.4 IR emitters to control the 4 sources, the IR control is routing type
5.Multi control methods, manual, IR on front panel, IR on rear extension, IR via UTP from sink, RS232
6.Key locking to avoid accidental operation
7.19" standard mounting enclosure, 1U size
8.It supports HDMI signal single UTP cable transmission.
9. EDID self studying function.

Grandbeing releases the most innovated 4:4 HDMI matrix series. This model is the simplified version.The new matrix is fully HDMI V1.3b supported. It has 4 standard HDMI inputs, 4 UTP type HDMI outputs. . An EDID learning fuction is added to increase its capability of compatible. While using UTP type cable to connect the sink, the user can remote control the matrix itself or the source from the sink side via a IR receiver. The function of the IR control is also based on the routing function. So that the user can configure the system much easier than using simple point to point IR connection. To have a secured normal HDMI cable connection, a mounting nut is added on each standard HDMI output port for fixing the cable. 

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